Signal Transmission… keep the world connected

A submarine cable is long wires laid on sea beds to carry telecommunication signals and energy. Most of the world’s telecommunications pass through submarine cables : overseas phone calls and emails, video downloading, we are always transferring data… and when data is being transferred from one source to another, there needs to be a medium that carries them… that keep the world connected… That may us understand that submarine cables are not standard cables.

Energy transmission… undersea power cables as intercontinental power link

– The high potential for renewable energy generation in some continents (solar, wind, high insolation levels etc…) and projected demand growth in world neighbourhood (limited renewable potential and land surface, high carbon content, etc…) create favourable conditions for a HVDC intercontinental power link. These very ambitious developments of linking one continent to another intend to take advantage of the high insolation levels and favourable wind conditions to provide sustainable renewable power to the highly populated countries.

– Moreover, the advent of offshore renewable energy requires export cables from wind, wave and tidal installations are needed to bring the renewable energy ashore.
Rotating Cable Machinery for Submarine Cables

Water subsea cable to be made on POURTIER lines

POURTIER fully understand the importance of submarine power cables which has increased steadily in recent decades and therefore made impressive achievements in the field of submarine and umbilical cables.
POURTIER supplied, among others, one of the biggest armouring and laying-up line ever made for this application. Multipurpose and full backtwist, the line guarantees a high reliability.
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