Pulling Capstans and Caterpillars

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Product Description

SETIC and POURTIER design and dedicate all kind of pulling capstans and caterpillars for various applications

  • Stationary Wheel Capstans from 1200 to 4500 mm wheel diameter and from 1 to 80 tons pulling force
  • Rotating Wheel Capstans
  • Stationary Belt Caterpillar from 600 to 11 000 daN
  • Rotating Pulling Caterpillar up to 5 tons

Stationary Wheel Capstan

Rotating Wheel capstans

Stationary Belt Caterpillar

Rotating Pulling Capstan

Features & Advantages

Pulling Capstans and Caterpillars
  • Smooth wire path with reduced deviation angle
  • Very constant tension control
  • Specific “trapezoidal head” for perfect angualr positioning of each “trapezoidal wire” at the stranding die
  • Know how transfer
  • Biggest capstan in the world to 80 tons pulling force
  • Cross section:

– up to 3500 mm² (Copper)

– up to 4000 mm² (Aluminum),