IIOT: A better use of the existing technology

Industrial Internet of Things IIOT is massive and growing quickly! IIOT enables company to have a better use of technology and limit power consumption. IIOT is not the computers you are using everyday, this is the collection of networked devices and applications not used by humans and linked together. That can be sensors to send information and/or controls that can take action which operate within the existing Internet infrastructure.

The cable industry for IIOT

The cable industry can operate its services and infrastructure already established to develop the Internet of Things and use this strategical position to develop new sustainable advantages for cable providers & customers.
The proliferation of connected technologies is placing new technical demands on industrial connectors. Higher speeds, higher frequency performance, and reduced form factors are required.
IIoT services are an easy way to access relevant information from your field. They offer you a comfortable and secure way to integrate the cloud and scale your business to reach new levels of maintenance, improved production, and more…
Rotating Cable Machinery Industrial Internet of Things IIOT

Our optimized solutions to develop the future

With an history based on development and leadership in machines dedicated to LAN cables, SETIC naturally oriented its research and development since several years in finding the right solutions in machinery for Automation, AI, Robotics and IIOT. Our commitment still remains to produce THE solutions for YOUR market with utmost quality.
Ready to start? Help your customers to prepare their infrastructure and discover the SETIC and POURTIER range of machines dedicated for your industry!