The data cables as the connection

Data cables are an important part of a computer, as they provide a connection between various hardware components. This enables a computer to communicate with its own various parts. A data cable also enables a computer to communicate with additional computers. A data cable is, essentially, any type of media capable of carrying a binary electrical communication signal. A data cable allows communication between hardware components within a computer & between multiple computers across a network. Peripherals, such as printers and scanners and cameras, are also connected via a data cable.

The various types of data cables

These can then be divided into three main types:
• Twisted pair. (copper): Telecommunications and computer networks use mainly twisted pair copper wiring. The twisted pair cable consists of two copper cores, each with its own plastic insulation and twisted together
This cable is of two types such as.
UTP (unshielded twisted pair)
STP (shielded twisted pair)

• Coax. (copper): Coaxial (coax) cable is used in older computer networks. Coaxial cables consist of two copper or aluminium coaxially oriented conductors surrounded by a tubular insulating layer, enclosed by a conducting shield

• Optic cables. (fiber) Used extensively by cable and telephony companies to provide fast connections to the Internet, fibre optic cable transmits data signals in the form of light. This light channel consists of two main parts: core and cladding
Used in different environments, these data cables have different characteristics that make them identifiable.

• Instrumentation/control Cables: single or multipair cable designed to carry signals and used for connecting instruments and electrical equipment in process control.
Rotating Cable Machinery for Data Cables
Rotating Cable Machinery for Data Cables

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