The hybrid cable : the combined cable

Hybrid cables combine two or more different types of cables. Indeed, some applications needs Ethernet cable transmitting the data and a power cable providing the energy supply. To save space and reduce the range of plugs Ethernet hybrid cable have been created which transports power in two cores and data in two pairs. With separate power and data elements, the cable can cover a higher energy demand, have a greater range than a standard Ethernet cable, a less attenuation in the data flows through the core and a larger cross section.

Power and data

A large variety of hybrid cable combinations to meet specific need exists from fiber and unshielded twisted pair (UTP), coaxial and UTP, to any other combination. The Hybrid cable allow end-users to take advantage of DC power and fiber in one cable to safely deliver low-voltage power and data over long distances to remote locations where standard power is unavailable or too costly to install. As the installation is quicker than with the individual cable types, this helps to keep the time spent on cabling fairly low.
Rotating Cable Machinery for Hybrid Cables
Rotating Cable Machinery for Hybrid Cables

Our knowledge for your hybrid solutions

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