LAN for Local Area Network

A LAN stands for Local Area Network and it is a computer network that interconnects computers.

The LAN Cable

With LAN being a connection of multiple computers and networking hardware there are various cables that be used. This includes:
• Copper Twisted Pair (Also referred to as LAN, Ethernet or Networking cable)
• Coaxial Cable
• Fiber Cable
Each of these cables have different designs and functions which power an ethernet connection.
Twisted pair copper cable is your most common LAN cables & come in many different categories such as:
• Cat5e Cable
• Cat6 Cable
• Cat6A Cable
• Cat 7
• Cat 7A
• Cat8 Cable
Nowadays, the demand of Ethernet or LAN cables continues to increase. This industry is extremely though and needs high quality and performant cables with efficient mechanical and chemical capabilities.
Rotating Cable Machinery for LAN stands for Local Area Network
Rotating Cable Machinery for LAN stands for Local Area Network

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