The electrical power cable called Milliken

The electrical power cable of the so called Milliken type is constructed with up to six identical segments formed with an outer cylindrical profile and a hollow core. Each segment is formed by laying a number of individual cores.

These last years have pointed out a significant increase of the power that needs to be transported by underground power cables. As a consequence, large cross section conductors, up to 2500mm² are now customarily used.

Milliken Construction

Milliken Conductor is one of the names or types of construction in copper or aluminium on High Voltage Cable (HV) and also on the Extra High Voltage Cable (EHV). Milliken Conductor is used for large conductor cross-section , generally ranging from 1000, 1200, 1600, 2000 , 2500 , and even 3000 mm2. For smaller section, ordinary construction can be used.
Why Milliken Construction ? To achieve better electric current repartition in the conductor & reduce the Skin Effect that commonly occur in large conductor size.
Rotating Cable Machinery for Milliken Power Cables Large copper power cable in section
Rotating Cable Machinery for Milliken Power Cables Power copper high voltage cables cross section for the electrical industry

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In the field of HV underground power cables several major steps were taken, making possible a practical underground power transmission system.
Gradually, the voltage levels of underground power cables increased, to 220 KV reaching 500 kV
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