Robots need cables

Robot cables are specially developed to meet the mechanical demands of the robotics industry.

Cables are the arteries of robotic systems – without them the robot can’t function. Depending on the model, robotic cables are routed externally or internally. They must withstand millions of alternating bends as well as tensile and torsional forces. In addition, they meet the various requirements in terms of resistance to temperature, oil and chemical agents.

The Flexible cable

The robot cable is an extra-flexible cable, and should meet all conditions for extremely flexible applications in harsh industrial environments. With a high mechanical resistance, the robot cables are used when high speed and acceleration are requested.
Robot cables are hybrid (round or flat) and meets various application such as power, control, data, hydraulics, pneumatics, etc… Specific solutions precisely tailored can be developed to the respective requirements of the robot that can save space, material & money.
Rotating cable Machinery for Robot Cables robot arm working in car factory
Rotating cable Machinery for Robot Cables Automation manufacturing robot controlled by industry engineering using IOT software connected to internet network .

Our efficiency for your high quality products

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