SETIC to receive NEXANS and PRYSMIAN Headquarters and plants managers

In November 2023, a few days apart, SETIC and POURTIER teams were honoured to welcome in Roanne workshop, delegations from the 2 largest cable manufacturers in the world. The visit included senior and key managers from both the headquarters and factories.

Setic and Pourtier have been demonstrating their success and steps toward completing of projects during the visit, including completion of several very important tasks:

– Inspection prior shipment of a large 2000 mm double twist line (immediate departure to Sweden)

– Signature of new contracts for repeat order for Large Double twist for Medium Voltage (France, Finland)

– Inspection Prior shipment of one 127 wires HVDC rigid cable line

Other various important steps have also been successfully achieved these last weeks :

  • Shipment and commissioning of 5 x large MV double twist lines 1600 mm (Asia)
  • HVAC Upgrade of a 3600 Underoller Type Rotating Take-up to improve the reel capacity from 20t to 35t (Europe)
  • New order for Drum twisters 55 tons
  • One Concentric Stranding line 61 wires

On the way to its new facility