Stranding of conductors

3 technical solutions for your power cables needs

1/ SETIC High Speed Large Double Twist 2000 mm type “TC 2000-4M”…

…. is a very interesting alternative for the cable makers for stranding large bare conductors from 7 to 61 wires, copper and aluminium, round or straight sector (61 wires unilay production (compressed and compacted) up to 400 sqmm Cu and 500 sqmm Alu).

The line can also strand class 5/6 flexible conductor up to 240 sqmm and lay-up insulated conductors up 30 mm cable diameter.  

The machine presents a compact and very modern design : all AC motor (bow, capstan, bobbin, traverse), single bow, Bluetooth transmission, large pulley for machine and capstan, “Bobbin less solution” with Double Basket Type Pay-offs which allow the easy passage from empty basket to the new one. The new machine includes some outstanding features with capacity of the 2000 mm take-up bobbin up to 14 tons. The SETIC Large Double Twist 2000 mm TC 2000-4M is therefore offering a High Production output combined with High product quality and very compacted conductor.

2000 mm Large Double twist
SETIC 2000 mm Large Double twist

2/ POURTIER High Speed and Power Regenerative Concentric Stranding / Armouring line type “COS1200”…

is basically designed to produce high quality round or sectoral compacted strands of 7, 19, 37 or 61 wires : the concentric construction enables speeding up to 500 RPM while keeping a short line length thanks to the multiwire process. Moreover, each bobbin is equipped with an individual driven tension control for prevention of wire breakage, optimization of the final section and therefore resistance of the cable.

The “Bobbin less solution” (bobbin Basket Type Pay-offs) line is composed of independent modules of 2 or 4 reels with 3 wires each, individually motorized by AC motors. Filling of the reels is made from basket pay-offs with individual capstan to pull the wire and to equalise the tension of each wire, reaching the best winding quality. Higher speed, smaller space, safer production, … this flexible line also allows reduction of copper remainders (all the parameters being adjustable from the Colour Touch Screen Control Panel for a better process control) – as well as energy savings, another outstanding advantage thanks to a power recovery systems enabling a drastic reduction of the power consumption.

This interesting result is obtained by using regenerative power from the large and heavy built-in reels to produce electricity through a bus connection. The reels in this case become power generator and feed the pulling capstan thus reducing drastically the total power consumption.

POURTIER Concentric Stranding Line
POURTIER Concentric Stranding Line

3/ POURTIER Heavy Duty Rigid Strander line type “RFS” (630 mm or 800 mm reel)…

is specially designed for stranding up to 127 wires, Steel wire armouring and copper wire screening. These types of lines will strand bare copper, copper alloy, aluminium, aluminium alloy conductors

POURTIER Rigid Stranders are also used for Regular Overhead conductors such as Aluminium Conductor Steel Reinforced (ACSR) and All Aluminium Alloy Conductors (AAAC) or Aluminium Conductor Steel Supported / Trapezoidal Wire (as option) (ACSS / TW) and Aluminium Core Composite Center (ACCC).

POURTIER most effective stranding lines to match high productivity requirements together with the best product quality are offering the flexibility to produce sectors cores (straight or prespiralled) and round cores (non compacted and compacted for HV/DC Cables) with cross sections 3500 mm² (Copper) and up to 4000 mm² (Alu).

POURTIER Heavy Duty Rigid Strander line
POURTIER Heavy Duty Rigid Strander line